NAYA is an alliance of Yurt Companies

NAYA is an international alliance of yurt companies from across North America working together to maintain industry standards while addressing common issues like building code compliance, insurance, and the development of ecological materials.

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Featured Photo

The Laurel Nest's "Yurtle"
The Yurtle, a yurt on wheels.


Laurel Nest Yurts in the News

Laurel Nest Yurts’ approach to helping customers build their dreams has caught the attention of various magazines and newspapers. Back Home magazine featured owners Hal Jackson and Asia Szrek as the cover story of their July/August issue, for readers who are interested in building their homestead or building a small business. Last summer team member [...]

View from the trenches

From Colorado to California, people are being asked to TAKE DOWN yurts that have been in use for years. Why? While there have been changes in building code interpretation and the institution of new “Land Use Regulations”, a big part of the reason seems to be that yurts are now moving into the mainstream and [...]

NAYA is born

NAYA, the North American Yurt Alliance, has been created to represent the Yurt industry across North America and provide a forum for working together on issues ranging from materials development (e.g., fabrics and insulation) to building code issues. NAYA will help make information on yurts accessible to the media and will provide a support system for yurt customers.